Licensed Locksmiths

licensed by the appropriate state government body, have passed at the very least a criminal history check. Currently in Queensland, licensing is also conditional on locksmiths having submitted fingerprints to state police.

Locksmith Associations

such as the Australian & New Zealand Locksmiths Association, insist on their members meeting minimum standards in terms of both trade qualifications as well as ethics and general business practice.

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    Remember to lock gates when and where practical

    Another simple and effective way to deter thieves where your property has a gate and driveway entrance – common on larger properties that criminals are known to simply drive into, often unnoticed without concern to neighbours.

    Energex Access to Read Meter

    If you’re worried about Energex getting access to read your electricity meter, we have padlocks that you can use with your own individual Energex keys. They are keyed to the Energex master key as well, allowing your meter to be read, while keeping unauthorized people out.

    We Specialise in

    At Betta Lock & Key we specialize in restricted and master key systems, lock changing (rekeying), electronic locking systems as well as security screen door locks and all other residential and commercial security – schools, shops, property managers, and more.

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    Some everyday and practical security approaches are:

    These are merely a few ideas concerning home security and by no means a comprehensive checklist. Make a habit of using the security measures you have available – screen door locks, deadbolts, window locks, alarm, sensor lights, gate locks, and any others.

    Keep doors and windows locked when and where appropriate. It sounds too simple, but this simple oversight is all too often the direct cause of opportunistic theft and prevents or at least limits a burglar’s opportunity.

    Remain conscious of what can present a security weakness. This can be in any number of forms such as a stranger knocking on the door and posing to be in distress.

    If you have a vehicle parked outside (particularly while you are away), the house can be entered if an intruder sees a garage remote on the visor and breaks the glass to get it. A common way of temporarily preventing automatic garage door access is to simply turn the opener off at the switch next to it.

    Where you have double timber doors, check that the bolts on the inactive side (that side usually left bolted), are secure enough to resist a typical forced entry. The bolts should be strong, good quality bolts as well as going far enough into the floor and door header to be secure.

    If you are going away tell only those who need to know. That automatically excludes social media, phone messages as well as notes stuck to the door.

    Likewise, don’t discuss having a safe or valuables with anyone, and don’t leave keys in locks if that can be avoided. Keys and remotes should be equally important to cash or any other valuables.

    This is truly the simplest and most straightforward advice you can get. Failing to do so can ultimately make a burglar’s job simple. We are happy to discuss any concerns you might have, together with options and solutions available to you.

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